Micronutrient Premixes for Lactose-Free UHT Milk

Micronutrient Premixes for Lactose-Free UHT Milk

Children suffering from lactose-intolerance are unable to consume regularmilk, and therefore, may have difficulties meeting their daily calcium requirement. To ensure that a child can still obtain the bone-strengthening effects of calcium and other health benefits from essential nutrients, lactose-free milk can be an option. Highly nutritious lactose-free milk can be developed via ingredient solutions from SternVitamin and SternEnzym.

"DairyZym Y50L" helps breakdown lactose from milk into simple sugars foreasier digestibility.

"SternVit DP" micronutrient premixes can restore vitamin losses from high-temperature UHT-processes, and further fortify children’s milk with important nutrients for energy, cognition, strength, immunity, and bone health.

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Reference : Product Update in Asia Food & Beverage Magazine Issue#92

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