Sauce & Seasoning
Dairy Product & Derivatives
Product Product Description
Sodium Caseinate Milk proteins for the manufacture of dairy, bakery, biscuit, beverage, canned food, health food, coffee-creamer, soup and sauces
Fiber & Starch
Product Product Description
Coconut Fiber & Flour For sauce, coating snacks, bakery
Flavors & Extract
Product Product Description
Savory Flavors (black pepper, bacon, chicken, mayonaise, pizza, hickory, etc…) Savory flavors for ready dishes, sauces, snack, meat product, bouillons and soups, fish canned, surimi
Smoke Flavors Smoke liquid and smoke powder for sauces, snack, meat products
Freeze Dried and Spray Dried Powder for Seasoning
Product Product Description
Dried Bonito Extract For sauce and soup
FD Clam Powder For sauce, soup and snack
FD Red Miso For instant miso soup and sauce
FD Tofu For instant miso soup and instant noodle
Kombu/Kelp Powder For sauce and soup
Salmon Extract Powder For soup and seasoning
Scallop Shell Powder For sauce and soup
Shitake Mushroom Powder For sauce and soup
Soy Sauce Powder (No MSG) For seasoning blends
Vinegar Powder For sauce and seasoning
Freeze Dried and Spray Dried Powder for Ice-cream
Product Product Description
Lemon Powder For instant drinks, seasoning blends
Mango Powder For instant drinks , sauce and ice-cream
Red Bean Powder For instant soup and ice-cream
Spinach Powder For instant soup
Yuzu Orange Powder For instant drinks , sauce and ice-cream
Natural Colorants
Product Product Description
Oleoresin Capsicum Reddish-brown color, the aroma is sharp pungent sensation
Oleoresin Paprika Red colour , 100% natural product in Oil soluble and Water soluble function 20.000 c.u / 50.000 c.u. / 100.000 c.u. of color intensity
Paprika Powder For seasoning blends / sausage / marinate meat products / coating snacks
Sweetener & Colorant D-Xylose Powder
Natural Preservatives
Product Product Description
Natural Preservatives Based on salts of various organic acids for natural preservatives in meat products / sausage / sirimi based products / seafoods / formulators /ready to eat food / sauce and bakery products
Nutrition, Acid & Sweeteners
Product Product Description
Glucono Delta Lactone (GDL) Glucono-delta-lactone for the manufacture of bakery, salad, dressings, tofu, dairy, beverage and meat
Lactic Acid 80% Lactic acid 80% for the manufacture of dairy, beverage, salad & dressings, sauces and meat
Lactic Acid 88% Lactic acid 88% for the manufacture of dairy, beverage, salad & dressings, sauces and meat
Lactic Acid Powder Lactic acid powder is a white powder. It has a characteristic lactic acid flavour and lactic acid taste. It is for the manufacture of beverage, Dairy, seasoning and confectionery etc.
Vinegar + Culture Sugar Natural preservative to replace sorbate, benzoate or calcium propionate for the manufacture of bakery and salad dressing
Product Product Description
Beef Stock Powder For soup, seasoning and processed meat
Chicken Extract/Pork Extract/Beef Extract Powder For sauce, soup, seasoning and processed meats
Spices & Seasonings
Product Product Description
Seasoning Mixed Seasoning for marinade / coating / snack such as pork & chicken seasoning powder, garlic & black pepper, Indian masala, lemon herb, Mexican chilli, tom yum, tikka, satay, wasabi, BBQ, lemon pepper. sausage seasoning such as frankfurther, vienna, cheese, brastwurst, garlic, hot chili, cabanossi
Spices Paprika powder, Chinese pepper
Product Product Description
Stabilizer for Mayonnaise Stabilizer complexes; choice of product depends on the process
Stabilizer for Ketchup & Tomato sauces Stabilizer complex for cold and hot production
Stabilizer for Dressing, Dips & Spreads Complete stabilizer compound for cold production
Stabilizer for Soups & Sauces Stabilizer/Emulsifier compound for white sauces and soups

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