Flavors & Extract
Product Product Description
Grape Seed, Beta Glucan, Lutein Grape Seed, Beta glucan, Lutein extracts for the manufacture of dairy, beverage, health food and clinical products
Green Tea, Black Tea and White Tea Extract powder Plant tea extracts for the manufacture of dairy, bakery, biscuit, beverage and health & nutritional products
Instant Chrysanthemum extract powder Instant Chrysanthemum extract powder is produced with white chrysanthemum (from Hangzhou), through carefully mixing, extracting and spray drying. Its solution appears light yellow and bright with fresh and mellow taste, pure aroma. It is usaully used in health drinking
Savory Flavors (black pepper, bacon, chicken, mayonaise, pizza, hickory, etc…) Savory flavors for ready dishes, sauces, snack, meat product, bouillons and soups, fish canned, surimi
Smoke Flavors Smoke liquid and smoke powder for sauces, snack, meat products
Sweet Flavors & Natural Extract (lemon, orange, grape, passion fruit, etc…) Sweet flavors & natural extract for soft drinks, confectionery, alcoholic beverage, ice-cream, artisanal range and catering

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